Don’t forget your home!

The amount of money that is spent annually on selling personal auto insuance amazes me.   Geico alone spends around $500 million each year on their ads.  But have you ever wondered why companies try to get your auto insurance, but not your home?  The reason is that auto insurance is a much more profitable line of business than home.  Some of the larger insurers don’t write homeowners insurance on a regional or national basis (like Geico, Allstate and Progressive).  Many offer you quotes but if you check the insurance company is someone else.

While we have great auto rates and can compete with any of the ‘major’ brands, we feel that homeowners insurance is the more important product.  Auto insurance is, at heart, a very generic product.  Homeowners is NOT.  There are many more optional coverages on a homeowners policy, and not having certain ones can expose you  to a huge risk of loss.

Two very basic examples are the issue of additional amounts of coverage to replace the house in the event of a major or total loss, and coverage to bring the house up to current building codes in the event of a covered loss.  Do you know if YOUR homeowners policy covers these exposures?  If so, how well does it do? 

By having a dozen different companies that do homeowners insurance, we have the ability to match the coverage to your unique needs.  And unlike the lizards of the world, we really want to insure your home, and we’ll do it with an A rated insurer who we know and have a good relationship with.  If you have doubts, don’t stick your head in the sand….call us!

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