Summertime is here!

Its June 5th, and I think that maybe, just maybe, winter is finally over.  Its a bit cold and rainy today but I don’t think it will change to sleet, and that is good.  Now that it is summer, what are you doing at your house?  Are you having a wedding reception or another kind of party?  Are you doing something to generate a little extra money, like mowing the neighbor’s lawn or fixing the neighbor’s car?  Did you buy a pool or a jacuzzi, or a dog to jump in your pool or jacuzzi?

Many things happen that can make life interesting, and they can affect your insurance, as well.  Any of the things mentioned above can have an affect on your homeowners insurance, and some can lead to losses that might not be covered. 

But I didn’t expect you to know that, because you haven’t spent years going through Homeowners policies like I have.  (that means you probably have a life, LOL.)  But you should know enough that changes have the potential to cause problems, and its a good idea to call your Homeowners agent and be sure you haven’t done anything ‘rash’.  Sometimes you may have to buy some extra coverage, either as an endorsement (add-on) to your policy or perhaps even a separate policy, but that is much better than having an uncovered loss when you weren’t expecting one!

If you’re still not sure, you can always give us a call.  If we don’t know the answer, we know how to find the answer, and we also know how to find the coverage you need, if it is avaiable (not everything can be insured, you know.)  While auto policies provide pretty standard coverage, homeowners policies don’t, and it pays to pay attention.  Enjoy life, and be smart!

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