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Summertime is here!

Its June 5th, and I think that maybe, just maybe, winter is finally over.  Its a bit cold and rainy today but I don’t think it will change to sleet, and that is good.  Now that it is summer, what … Continue reading

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Some hard truths about Homeowners Insurance

Even though 2013 in Connecticut wasn’t a bad year for Homeowners losses, the trend we’ve seen in recent years of higher prices, higher deductibles, restrictive coverages and tighter underwriting continues, and appears certain to continue for the foreseeable future. You … Continue reading

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Has your home gotten ahead of your homeowners insurance?

I’m writing this post because I’m just ending a journey with my house.  I have been living in the house I grew up in, and when I spent twenty years on the road, racing, my house suffered.  A few years … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about credit!

Most consumers are aware that insurance companies use a modified version of your credit score when underwriting Auto and Homeowners insurance (and increasingly, business insurance as well).  Certainly, at least 90% of the companies we deal with use this tool.  … Continue reading

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The market is ‘hardening’. What does this mean to you?

If you read any articles about property-casualty insurance, you may see the above expression used in discussing insurance trends today.   What this means to you is that rates are going up, for both personal and business insurance.  Sometimes, they’re going up … Continue reading

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Don’t forget your home!

The amount of money that is spent annually on selling personal auto insuance amazes me.   Geico alone spends around $500 million each year on their ads.  But have you ever wondered why companies try to get your auto insurance, but … Continue reading

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The horse has left the barn, but….

Since our recent spate of storms, we’ve been getting a lot of calls from people on flood and earthquake insurance.  While the horse may have left the barn, there are still horses in the stable, and looking into these two … Continue reading

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